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Billing & Invoicing in Salesforce

20 years of experience in different Industries combined with the latest digital capabilities has lead us to develop a complete billing and invoicing system built entirely on Salesforce technology. Billing Utilities contracts in Salesforce is now possible!

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Billing & Invoicing Capabilities


You define your Business limits, not your systems

We know how frustrating is not being able to scale up your business because of IT limitations. With Wattyo, volume or functionality will not be a problem anymore.

Additionally, our Salesforce based billing solution is not only suitable for the complex Utilities contracts but also to any other industry;

Flexible Billing Rules

Define your billing logic depending on the product or service. It can be a consumption based, fixed/subscription or hybrid pricing logic.

In summary, You set your rules, Wattyo executes them.

Outstanding Performance

Forget about long and resource consumption processes. In order to achieved this we maximise Salesforce capabilities and smartly use platform resources.

Online and Batch Processing

You can choose both Online or Batch calculation modes depending on your needs and use cases.
However, you’ll also have the chance to manually bill when it’s required.

Invoice Simulation

Simulate any invoice to get the final pricing a product or service would have based on a specific scenario: product or service configuration, consumption, etc.
Additionally, you can also use simulations both to share a cost estimation with your clients or to check your billing rules.

Invoice Validations

Quality of Invoices can be tested in a prevalidation process. Samples are automatically generated covering all invoices schemas.

Monitoring and Control

Invoicing processes can be easily monitored with our Console built on Salesforce Platform.

Moreover you’ll have access to a powerful reporting suite to control your invoicing processes.

Billing & Invoicing Capabilities

Total Control

Quality of Billing and Invoicing is key

Billing and Invoicing is a very sensitive part of your business and we are aware of it.

Because of this we offer, out of the box, a suite of functionalities and tools to help you and your customers prevent any kind of error or surprise.



Fully integrated with the rest of billing concepts

Subscriptions can be defined for any product or service with different payment schemas and methods.

Subscriptions are no longer a problem

No need for a new System to invoice subscriptions, they will be fully integrated in the same process and system.

Industry Solutions

Included in Vertical Solutions

Part of our DNA

Wattyo Billing & Invoicing is part of our DNA, so of course it’s included in all our current and future Industry Solutions, for instance Water & Waste and Electricity & Gas.

However, Wattyo Billing & Invoicing can run in standalone mode without any vertical solution and it can be easily integrated in any Salesforce implementation and industry.