Commercial System solution in Salesforce for Utilities specially for Water, Waste and Energy

The Ultimate and Thorough
Commercial Systems

Forget about endless and expensive IT projects to adopt digital capabilities. Wattyo has created a business solutions suite, built on Salesforce, to quickly transform Utilities commercial processes like Customer Service, Sales or Billing.

Our Mission

Outstanding Commercial Solutions

Powered by Salesforce

Wattyo Industry Solutions offers an outstanding, performant and usable commercial system, built on Salesforce, that covers all the Utilities and Telco processes and functionalities:
– Customer Service
– Sales
– Billing & Invoicing
– Payment & Collection

Our Solutions are designed and implemented with efficiency, usability, performance, regulations and security in mind thanks to years of experience in the industry.

to Use

Although you can adapt and customise Wattyo according to your needs, it comes with all the required functionalities to operate your business. Reduce definition and design efforts, IT costs, and risks.

Meet Business Objectives

Wattyo it’s more than a complete catalog of functionalities. It offers an usable, performant and satisfying user experience. It helps you control your processes with no effort. And of course it’s also designed to reduce maintenance efforts and costs.

without limits

Don’t worry about scaling up your business. Our entire solution is built to support scalability and extensibility. We don’t want your system to put limits to your business, we want to remove them.

Wattyo helps you to achieve your business objective

Utilities Commercial System
won’t be a problem anymore

You shouldn’t waste your energy and resources, defining, implementing and maintaining your systems. Just focus on your company business objectives and Wattyo will take care of Systems technology.



Powerful Product Catalog Management and Product Configuration allowing to model any kind of product that your business requires.

Customer Care

Customer Service

Carefully designed console and user processes to reduce service time, risks and training. Access real time and customer specific insights to identify relevant information.

Billing & Invoice

Billing & Invoicing

Performant and Flexible billing engine supporting any kind of pricing: fixed, subscription, consumption based price are just some examples.


End to End
Contract Lifecycle

Manage the full lifecycle of your customer contracts. Create new Contracts or modify existing ones. Handle Owner Changes, Scheduled Disconnections and much more.

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Made in Salesforce

Level up

Wattyo is developed in Salesforce technology, what means that you will enjoy all the benefits from the top trending technology and ecosystem. Performant and Secure cloud environment, huge application ecosystem and much more.

Salesforce and Utilities Knowledge & Expertise

Trust and Knowledge
as a service

Our team sums up hundreds of years and projects of experience implementing Commercial Systems. We are not just an IT Product, we are a source of knowledge and best practices.

Wattyo’s Value Proposal

Utilities Mastership

Products & Consulting

We provide a holistic approach to Digital Transformation.

Wattyo provides a comprehensive set of Knowledge, Solutions, Methods and Services that enhances efficiency, improves customer experience, and drives revenue growth by leveraging a unique set of business and IT capabilities

Although we were born with special focus on Salesforce ecosystem and Utilities sector like Water & Waste or Energy, we have a broad experience in many other industries and technologies.

Out of the Box Solutions

Out of the Box solutions covering Frontoffice and Backoffice processes
in a single system minimizing integration needs

Industry Knowledge

Complex business like Utilities and Telco require a holistic view of Market, Processes, Regulation and Organizations.

Agile Methodology

Our agile implementation methodology adapted to Utilities and Telco business reduces project efforts and risks.

We automate key tasks like data conversion, functional and technical tests, deployment and maintenance.