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Wattyo transform Utilities Commercial Knowledge into Industry Leadership leveraging Salesforce technology thanks to years of experience in challenging projects.

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What is Wattyo?

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Wattyo is specialized in developing and implementing business Solutions for Utilities, Telco and other Sectors.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including out-of-the-box products and professional consulting services. With a commitment to industry best practices and standards, we ensure that every project is executed with excellence.

Partner with Wattyo to unlock the full potential of your business and experience our dedication to delivering innovative, tailored solutions.


Our Industry solutions are designed and developed to achieve leading industry digital processes and functionalities reducing costs and maintenance efforts.

Our Industry Solutions


If your business doesn’t need the full industry suite you can also enjoy any of our cutting edge products focused in specific functionalities.

Our Products

Professional Services

We offer a wide range of Professional and Consulting Services to help you and your Company achieve any challenge you need.

Our Services

About Wattyo

Utilities & Telco

Experts in Salesforce Technology and Commercial Processes for Utilities and Telco

We combine technology, process knowledge and Project implementation experience to offer the best Out of the Box Industry Solutions based on Salesforce Platform

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Edoardo Narduzzi

Our Company

Edoardo Narduzzi

President & Co-Founder

We are a Global Software Engineering Company developing Out of the Box Industry and Business Solutions on Salesforce Platform technology.

Wattyo help companies transform
their commercial processes
to be more successful

Javier Requejo – CEO

Meet our Talented Team

Javier Requejo

Javier Requejo

Chief Executive Officer
and Co-Founder

Javier Ponce

Javier Ponce

Chief Technology Officer
and Co-Founder

Álvaro Fernández

Alvaro Fernández Anguita

Chief Operating Officer
and Co-Founder

Raúl González-Serna

Raúl González-Serna

Chief Product Officer
and Co-Founder